The Programme for 2020

Enter your text here... Each year we have a mix of the planned and the spontaneous.  The planned includes a sample of Britain's finest storytellers as well as some family-friendly theatre.  Acts confirmed so far include:

Sef Townsend

Sef has been sharing stories for more than twenty five years. Often working with refugees and asylum detainees, he tells in churches, mosques, and synagogues, and has been involved in peace & reconciliation projects internationally. Recent story-sharing, workshop-giving & research has taken to him from China to Chile, from South Africa, to the West Bank.

“Sef is a master storyteller - wholly connected to his stories and fully engaged with his audience. A rare and wondrous treat for seasoned storytellers and new-to-storytelling crowds alike! Highly recommended.” - Nell Phoenix, StoryNight at Torriano

“Sef Townsend conjured up visions … conveyed in effective and chilling ‘sprechgesang’ .” - The Stage

"Absolutely bizarre but entirely captivating . . . thanks to the supreme detail in his every expression and movement . . . left me open-mouthed and my skin frosty" - The Arbutarian, London

Sarah Rundle 
Sarah got locked in a laboratory but tunnelled her way to freedom. She ran away to drama school, and has been a storyteller for ten years.
She has performed for the British Council, Wellcome Foundation, Geffrye Museum, National Trust, Stockholm’s Fabula Story Café, the Nivesh Festival in Delhi, and Festival at the Edge.

“The most enjoyable ‘Gawain and the Green Knight’ I have yet seen. It storms along with an intelligent irreverence, yet is able to be truly magical when wonder is called for. It sparkles with a particularly glorious English humour.” - Ben Haggarty

"Sometimes I come across work so remarkable that I need everyone else to experience it too.  Sarah creates just such work." - Jonathan Lambert
Ashley Ramsden
Ashley Ramsden is the founding director of the School of Storytelling, the longest established centre of its kind in the United Kingdom.

He has toured with his remarkable storytelling programmes on all five continents, has appeared at major storytelling festivals in the UK, South Africa, Scandinavia and America.
"He is the Black Hole of the storytelling world.
A Sufi with blue eyes." - Cem Alfar

“If I had heard the stories told like this when I was a child, I’d have gulped them down like puddin” - Frank P.