Hare Moon 2019 Programme

Hare Moon Storytelling Camp features a wonderful range of performances and workshops from Helen East, Liam Carroll, Little Fawn Caravan Theatre and more.

Helen East Photo

Helen East and Rick Wilson

From Helen, accompanied by musician Rick Wilson, we may well hear stories of trees and of land spirits. Born in Sri Lanka, Helen grew up in Scandinavia and now lives in Wales. She has been a professional storyteller since 1979.

Rick brings an intriguing musicality to bear, having studied in India and Morocco as well as at home in the UK. His journeys have informed his approach to both rhythm and texture and these can both stand alone or support the narrative.

Stacia Keogh performance image

Stacia Keogh

Stacia hails from the USA via Ireland and has performed widely in both those countries and the UK. Expect stories from North America as well as shape-shifting foxes, and who knows what else besides?

little fawn puppet show image

Little Fawn Caravan Theatre

All the way from Glasgow we welcome back Shane Connolly and the ever popular Little Fawn. Shane is a master of object theatre and deadpan humour. This year he will also take advantage of the refurbished octagon to perform a larger theatre piece.