Amrita Illingworth - Art

Amrita, a Buddhist with Animistic tendencies, is passionate about reviving our lost ancestral connection to the natural world. His work is inspired by natural forms and by the great heritage of art from all cultures around the globe.  His greatest pleasure is to drink the nectar of inspiration that comes through artistic play.

Gaelin Little - Dance

Gaelin is a Laban-trained dance artist and somatic movement therapist. She facilitates movement improvisation and creative experiences that are both fun and expansive, using dance as a medium for a fine tuning of the senses, turning them toward a renewed discovery of ourselves and the world around us.

Jessica Robin - Bushcraft

Jessica, a former primary school teacher, left mainstream education to set up the popular Fireflies Forest School.  She believes that spending time outdoors in a pure and unstructured way is very powerful for children’s mental health, providing them the opportunity to assess and take risks, thereby increasing their resilience and self-esteem.

Julie Young - Children's Art

Julie is an inventive and inspirational practitioner who has led the Woodcraft Folk area at Latitude since that festival's inception.  She has also led children's activities at Ashlyn Wood for Hare Moon and High Sun camps for several years.

Shane Ibbs - Bushcraft and Storytelling

Shane has many years’ experience teaching bushcraft skills to children, teens and adults in schools, self-directed learning communities and woodland projects.  He has also worked as a storyteller at Larmer Tree, Into the Wild and numerous other festivals and events, both entertaining and leading workshops to inspire and empower others.


We have secured the services of an experienced and popular workshop leader and are awaiting her picture and bio.

There will be space in the programme to simply hang out and to practise and assimilate the skills we have learned.  Room, too, for others to share their skills - we claim no monopoly on knowledge!  

If you would like to bring an activity or lead a workshop, please make sure it does not leave behind anything which is not quickly and easily assimilated by the environment.