Hare Moon 2018 Programme

Hare Moon Storytelling Camp features a wonderful range of performances and workshops from Peter Chand, Xanthe Gresham, Indefinite Articles Theatre Co and more.

Peter Chand talling a story

Peter Chand

Peter Chand is an award-winning international Storyteller, constantly in demand for his unique retelling of tales from his motherland. Peter has shared his stories across Britain and has also performed in Norway, France, Austria, Canada, and Singapore, amongst other countries. He grew up with Punjabi as his first language, and still visits family in the Punjab to collect folk tales, translating them into English and sharing them with audiences worldwide.

As well as touring extensively, he also shares his storytelling skills by leading workshops with teachers, librarians, budding storytellers, and anyone trying to find their voice and gain confidence when performing in public. Peter is also part of the organising team of Festival at the Edge, which is the oldest storytelling festival in England.

He has recently been honoured by being chosen as one of the 100 Masters, by Creative Black Country, which celebrates creativity and excellence within the many towns and cities which make up the Black Country region.


Xanthe Gresham performance image

Xanthe Gresham

"She speaks like a woman spitting jewels" - Arts Council

"Xanthe Gresham summons goddesses and heroes to take centre stage, not from some long forgotten past, but emanating from here and now, you and me. She unfolds each tale like the petals of a lotus. At the end, you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind." - British Theatre Review

Indefinite Articles photograph

Indefinite Articles Theatre Co

indefinitearticles was formed in 1995 by sculptor Sally Todd and puppeteer Steve Tiplady to combine their passion for transforming the everyday and mundane into something sublime. They believe that theatre that is live and lets their audience know it is the medium's trump card over its more technological rivals. They have told stories with sand, oil, chalk, glass, a few drops of ink and a lot of clay....plus a puppet, here and there.